Donations and Fees...

Mary Teresa's Whispers in the Wind Gazebo Group Food Services (Fees)
Dinner:$15.00 / person
Full Lunch:$12.00 / person
Simple Lunch:$ 8.50 / person

Group Use of Facilities (Suggested Donation)
Public rooms and grounds: 1/2 day (3 hrs. or less):$60
Public rooms and grounds: day & eve (up to 12 hrs):$120
Public rooms and grounds: whole day (up to 6 hrs):$100

Hermitage (1 or 2 overnights) Private (Suggested Donation)

Hermitage Private (3 or more overnights) (All meals $18.00/day)(Suggested Donation)
Hermitage:$ 35.00/night

Hermitage Shared (1 or 2 overnights)Meals $18/day (Suggested Donation)
Hermitage:$30.00 per person/night

Hermitage Shared (3 or more overnights) all meals $18.00/day(Suggested Donation)
Hermitage:$ 20.00 per person/day

Individual Overnight Accommodations: (Suggested Donation)
Food:$18.00 / day
Private Room Overnight & Breakfast:$65.00 / person / night
Shared Guest Room:$45.00

Individual Retreats (3 or more overnights): (Suggested Donation)
Individual Direction:$30.00 per session (as part of ongoing retreat)
Private Guest Room :$50.00 / night
Shared Guest Room:$35.00 / night

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